Excipients from SMI

To meet the increasing requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry, Smart Ingredients offers a wide range of excipients to meet all dosage forms according to the unique needs of each customer. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our customers with excellence thanks to a wide portfolio of quality products and services coupled with a team of qualified, skilled and specialized staff.

The company is committed to bringing innovative solutions, suitable for each partner. We assist our customers in product orientation, research and registration for all oral preparations, chewable tablets, sachets, gel-creams, injections, destination delivery systems,… Types of excipients Main drugs include:

– Pre-mixed film coating system

– Multifunctional excipients

– Excipients filler

– Sticky excipients

– Disintegrant Excipients

– Smooth excipients

– Other functional excipients (dissolving aid, permeability enhancer, color, odor, flavor, base gum, etc.)