The Thanking Party is a time for the entire company to look back on the achievements and lessons of the past year, but also to prepare mentally and strategically for the new year to come. 2020 is perhaps a particularly unusual year, the whole world must constantly transform to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to a new-normal life. With the traditional culture of “proactive-creative” – ​​”pro-active” – ​​always “adapting to the environment to change and develop”, in 2020, Smart Ingredients will continue to grow and continuously develop the process. size, sales, market share, number of customers, number of suppliers, distribution infrastructure, R&D unit, reputation and resources, and at the same time expanding the Northern market and Cambodia.

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Pham Hong Viet – Director of the Company: “On this occasion, I would like to express my deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart to all the members of the company who have worked together with the Board of Directors. Therefore, we have shared the sweetness and strived for a better future for Smart Ingredients.” It can be said that all the above achievements are thanks to the sharp and wise leadership from the Board of Directors and the unceasing efforts of all employees.

As the name of the Thanking Party event, “Gratitude” is the most mentioned thing during the gratitude ceremony for the brothers and sisters who have made many contributions and achievements and worked closely with the company. company, to the categories honoring individuals who have won business awards and completed outstanding work

According to Harvard Mental Health: “Gratitude is an appreciation for what an individual has received, whether tangible or intangible.” Gratitude is indeed a powerful word, with gratitude people acknowledge the good in their lives and attract more good things not only to their personal lives, but also beneficial in their lives. work and career for the organization.