Recently, the rate of Vietnamese people suffering from hemorrhoids is increasing, especially office workers who work for a long time in one position, are sedentary and those who regularly use alcohol. The prevalence of hemorrhoids in Vietnam is 35-50% and according to a recent study in the northern provinces, up to 55% of the population suffers from hemorrhoids. The percentage of women with hemorrhoids is more than that of men (about 61%) and the average age of the patients is 45 years old. Hemorrhoids are chronic diseases caused by bulging of one or more veins in the perianal system. Although this disease does not cause death, it greatly affects the patient’s daily life.

Suy dãn tĩnh mạch là bệnh lý gây phù nề chi dưới, thay đổi bề mặt da và khó chịu do tăng áp lực tĩnh mạch chi dưới. Đây là bệnh lý phổ biến, gây giảm chất lượng cuộc sống, giảm năng suất làm việc. Bệnh suy tĩnh mạch bản chất có thể xảy ra ở bất kỳ tĩnh mạch nào trên cơ thể. Tuy nhiên là bệnh thường xảy ra nhất là ở các tĩnh mạch chân do hệ thống tĩnh mạch chân dài, cấu tạo phức tạp thường phải chịu áp lực lớn. Khoảng hơn 20% người trưởng thành chịu ảnh hưởng bởi căn bệnh này, như cảm giác căng tức, sưng, tê buốt nặng chân..hạn chế sự vận động


Diosmin is a natural flavone glycoside, vascular protector and used for symptomatic treatment of venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, lymphedema. As a flavonoid, Diosmin also exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-free radical activity. In Europe, Diosmin was used more than 30 years ago in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, colitis, diabetes.

µsmin® Plus is a special form of Diosmin obtained by extracting Hesperidin from Citrus aurantium – a citrus family with enhanced absorption efficiency.


Flavonoids have limited biological activity. Although the phenolic nature makes these compounds polar, their water solubility is poor. Specifically, Diosmin is proven to have low solubility in water as well as in organic solvents, thereby reducing the absorption and bioavailability of the product => Requires a large dose of 1000mg/day to achieve a therapeutic effect.

µsmin® Plus is an innovative formulation that increases absorption. After oral administration, µsmin® Plus is metabolized under the influence of intestinal microflora, from Glycosyde form to Aglycon form. This form of metabolism will increase the stability and absorption of the product into the circulatory system, thereby increasing bioavailability with outstanding advantages.

Standardize the content of flavonoids 90%, diosmin 80%.
Create a buffer system to help diosmin achieve the best absorption, optimal stability.
Contains high levels of flavonoid fractions (aglycones).
Use a safe solvent system in the extraction. (Does not contain pyridine)
Visible effects after 1-3 weeks of use
Low dosage => reduce product cost

Diosmin is often used alone or in combination with Hesperidin in the treatment of

Varicose veins
Alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids
Enhance blood circulation and restore physical condition